A new Beatles Screen Saver
For Windows95

saver.zip (770 Kb)

Try this setting:
Picture cubes: Number - 5; Speed - 2 on slow computers, 1 on fast ones; Size - 2
Small boxes: Number - 0

A new Beatles Wallpaper

  1. Windows95 users - Right-click on the large image above and choose "Set As Wallpaper". Then right-click on your desktop and select Properties -> Background to change the wallpaper settings.
  2. Others who can't set their wallpaper this way - Download "Wall.zip" or "wall2.zip" from the link above and unzip the file.
  3. Move "Wall.bmp" to your c:\windows directory and change the wallpaper settings.
Click here to download "Wall.zip" for 800x600 screen resolution (1.2 MB)

Click here to download "Wall2.zip" for 640x480 screen resolution (780 Kb)

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